Become a Healthy Plant-Based eater

In Dane County, WI

WELCOME to the start of your plant-based journey!

If you live in Dane County, Wisconsin, in the coming weeks we will:

  • Have a phone or video call as orientation and to answer any questions you may have.  Following that, you will return to this page and click the button below where you can pay using Paypal.  If you can’t use Paypal, please let me know.
  • Enjoy a plant-based dinner at my house. (fully vaccinated only, please)
  • Meet to discuss your goals and challenges and to do meal planning.
  • Go together to your grocery store to shop for meals.
  • Cook up to seven meals together at your house.


After that, please continue to text and email me any questions that come up, and I’d be happy to have you at my Facebook page at any time.

Once the COVID situation is safer for gatherings, you’ll be invited to quarterly potlucks.

Have a Question? Want More Info?