Save your life, save the planet

by becoming

Whole Foods Plant Based

Become a healthy plant-based eater!

I’m Teresa, and I want to help you transform your health and soul by becoming Whole Food Plant Based.  If you live in Dane County, Wisconsin, I will come to your house and cook with you, I’ll go grocery shopping with you and meal plan with you.  If you don’t live in Dane County, Wisconsin, we can Zoom or talk on the phone.   You can adopt this healthy, sustainable lifestyle and save your life while you help save the planet.

Let’s Do This!

I went Whole Food Plant Based on my birthday in 2018.  I had seen how low-fat plant based eating melted 30 pounds of fat from me and I wanted to go all-in for the health and environmental benefits.  After I committed to this lifestyle I continued losing weight, my hair and skin improved, my energy increased, my mood lifted, and my cholesterol plummeted.  My mother joined me in eating this way and she completely reversed the Type 2 diabetes she’d had for 20 years.  Her A1C is now lower than mine, and I’ve never had diabetes!  She is taking no diabetes medicine.  I want this for everyone!  I want this for you.

What You Can Do


Kick Diabetes to the Curb

Type 2 diabetes responds really well to living the WFPB way, just ask my mom!  Meal planning and prepping will put you on the path to wellness.

Normalize that Sky-High Cholesterol

A Whole Food Plant Based way of eating eliminates the animal fats and processed oils that jack your cholesterol up.  I’ll show you how to eat and cook without those killer oils and fats.

Dodge the Cancer Bullet

Nature’s foods straight from the garden are packed with cancer-fighting nutrients.  Meat and dairy increase your risk.  You can maximize your chances of avoiding what will soon be our country’s number one killer by eating the healthiest diet on the planet.

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